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A Tribute to Apostle Alvin Donald Sledge


Oasis of Hope Ministries was founded by Apostle Alvin Donald Sledge and Pastor Catherine Sledge on January 3rd, 2001. Apostle had the vision to empower believers through teaching, preaching and demonstrations of the uncompromised Word of God. His desire was to fulfill the highest calling and assignments from Jesus Christ. He witnessed the world change through Jesus Christ.  


Apostle Sledge loved God and dedicated his life to the work of God’s Kingdom. Apostle Sledge was able to really fulfill his assignment to God by leading a ministry with purpose and impact. He believed that leading souls to Christ was not the end of his work, but only the beginning. Through Oasis of Hope Ministries’ numerous outreach efforts and collaboration with other community organizations, Alvin was able to help countless souls enhance their lives and tap into the promises of God through deeper understanding of, and application of the Word of God.


In ministry, he was organized and always required that the entire ministry operate in a “Spirit of Excellence”. He continually trained Pastor Catherine and others so that each would know how to conduct ministry pleasing to God. He loved Pastor Catherine and considered her to be his soulmate and best friend. He had a special relationship with his three daughters, grandsons and son-in-laws. He cherished his relationship with the Men of Honor at Oasis and wanted each Oasis family member to understand their life’s purpose through Jesus Christ.


We will always honor and continue the legacy of our leader, spiritual Father, Apostle and friend --- Apostle Alvin Donald Sledge.


September 26, 1957 - May 10, 2019

Celebrating 20 Years of
Ministry With Purpose

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Service Times

Christian Education Class

Sunday 8:30 am

Morning Worship

Sunday 9:30 am

Midweek Prayer

Tuesday 10:00 am

Bible Study

Wednesday 7:00 pm

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